3D Renderings

The Parris Company 3D renderings incorporate precisely scaled measurements that result in an accurate real-life digital depiction of your project. Our 3D models not only reveal the highlights of your design but it also allows you to review each detail, so you too can plan necessary changes before you even begin the construction process. These renderings also serve as valuable marketing and sales tools or inspiration for any building projects.

The Parris Company 3D Rendering

Bring your Project to Life with 3D Rendering

3D rendering

The Parris Company captures the ideas of builders and creates a perfect replica that can be used for construction and renovation plans.

Commercial renderings

The 3D process can be used to achieve a realistic model of the interior and exterior designs for office buildings, apartments, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, educational facilities, medical facilities and many other commercial spaces in Jacksonville prior to construction.

Interior rendering

A color rendering of the interior of your project allows you to evaluate and choose various lighting styles, colors and furnishings in advance.

Exterior rendering

By using photographs of your project site, we create perfectly scaled 3D renderings that help us determine the layout and location of any proposed structures and buildings. This allows us is to make changes before construction plans are finalized for a Jacksonville building project.

Are 3D rendering and 3D modelling the same thing?

In Laymen terms, 3D rendering and 3D modelling are two completely separate architectural design tools. A scaled three dimensional (3D) model is a smaller version of your project. It is a 3D tactile creation. A model is usually a smaller version of the actual artifact being built. That is why you’ll often seen mini neighborhoods, malls, houses and cities used as a representative prototype on TV and in film.

3D rendering is a preliminary color photograph of the project as if it is already completed. Pretty simple, right? The concept is easy to understand but the method and process is a bit more complicated. With 3D color rendering we can create videos, and still shots, even analyze possible complications. 3D rendering is like looking at a photo of the finished building, while 3D modelling means creating a physical replica of a design.