Bidding and Negotiations

After the construction bid process has completed and a construction company has been selected to perform the work a negotiation procedure will take place. Contractor negotiations usually takes some time, due to the complexity of the project, because you want to ensure that the client’s money is being well spent. While the decision relating to project costs is ultimately the client’s, having the advice of the experienced professionals that work for The Parris Company is invaluable. Our experience as both architects and contractors gives us a decided advantage when it comes to negotiating with contractors.

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What Does Negotiation Involve?

During the negotiation, the architect and client are able to discuss the project with the construction company. This process allows all parties to work out the finer details of the bid package, construction documents, project specifications, construction budget and construction contract in an attempt to secure the best possible deal for their services.

Negotiation can be stressful; and not everyone possesses the professional temperament and skill to be a good negotiator, which is why having a member of our team present can be enormously helpful. The negotiation process is something TPC is used to, so we can work alongside the client to create a contract that suits client’s budget and places client’s needs first.

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