Site Representatives

The Parris Company will provide full time site representation, for our designs, even when we are not the general contractor or hired to perform construction project management duties. As the architects involved in the design of the building, The Parris Company is perfectly situated to provide full time site representation. As the architects of record our goal would be to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and to a high standard.

The Parris Company Provides Quality Construction Assurance

Once the design and construction bidding phase is over, The Parris Company will be present throughout the construction process. Our weekly presence at the construction site will guarantee that what has been approved and permitted is accurately translated, and that the end product matches what the client had in mind. Site representation is an excellent idea for construction projects of all kinds, because it helps protect against any communication errors or mix ups that lead to a project that does not live up to the client's standards.

As qualified site representatives, The Parris Company will serve as the client’s surrogate, acting on the client’s behalf and preventing any inconsistencies from making their way into the final product.

The Parris Company 3D Rendering

Site Supervision Methodology

The Parris Company (TPC) will establish a weekly construction meeting schedule from the start of construction to the project’s completion. All engineers, consultants, general contractor, and subcontractors will be required to attend as the project progresses or as requested to address certain construction issues. Weekly meeting minutes will be issued to the client, all meeting participants and all construction team members. Weekly communication is an essential key to keeping the project on schedule and under budget. Site inspections will be performed prior to the building department’s inspection to ensure swift city approvals. TPC will review all contractor material samples and product submittals. At the end of the project the client will have a documented history of the entire construction phase.

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Attentive Architects

We are highly knowledgeable of the construction process, and are able to immediately identify any inconsistencies that may surface. With years of experience in every aspect of the architectural process, we are qualified to supervise the construction of projects of all sizes and complexities. No details are too small to slip past unnoticed.

Excellent Customer Care

Above all else, our commitment is to our clients and their satisfaction. There is nothing worse than investing time, money and effort in a design, only to see it carelessly constructed. By acting as full time site representatives, our skilled team can prevent mistakes from being included in the final product.

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