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The Parris Company (TPC) is a licensed and insured Certified General Contractor. Our vast construction experience ranges from large scale government projects to small scale business ventures. We have the experience and the expertise to provide Construction, Construction Management or Design Build Services. In the past, TPC has also provided design only services for several clients and acted as the owner’s representative during the construction process. TPC has written bid packages, assembled the list of qualified general contractors and subcontractors, issued bid solicitations to the media and reviewed the contractor bid proposals for the owner. Our joint architectural and construction background gives TPC keen insight when it comes to discovering flaws in contractor bid proposals.

Construction Project BID PROPOSALS

Writing a construction bid package can be very complexed. A large project bid package for government agencies, city projects or institution projects contains an enormous amount of information. Smaller project bid packages are more simplified. Bid packages contain information concerning contractor insurance requirements, contractor bid bond, performance bond, construction licensing, project schedule, project start up requirements, construction site requirements, payment schedule, construction documents, project specifications, just to name a few. All of these items must be addressed in the contractor’s bid proposal for the proposal to be accepted by the architect. An incomplete proposal will be rejected.

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How does Construction Bidding Work?

The construction bid process reveals the overall cost of the project. Various construction companies and contractors will compete for the project after a construction announcement is made and “invitations to bid” are sent out.

The Parris Company will then work to evaluate all bid proposals to determine which contractor has responded to all the bid package requirements the best and in addition provides the client with the most cost effective construction budget.

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CONTRACTORS AND the Bidding Process

Some contractors base their bids on estimated costs, or square footage pricing. Others may use a more detailed approach to their estimates. It is the architect’s responsibility to determine if the contractor’s bid proposal is accurate and the costs associated with the project are in line with current industry pricing.

The architect’s role is to monitor the construction bid process to ensure that each contractor provide comprehensive documentation that can be unilaterally reviewed for a more accurate bid analysis of all contractor bids. When The Parris Company manages the construction bid process, contractors are compelled to base their bids on industry standards for the area, professional ethics, and practical construction methods resulting in savings for client.