Contract Administration

The Parris Company has a great deal of experience in Construction Contract Administration. Contract administration involves making decisions and the timely flow of information and decisions to enable completion of the project as required by the contract documents including review and observation of the construction project. The objective of the CCA program is to improve construction contract administration by providing education related to the administration and enforcement of contract requirements during the construction phase of the project.

The Construction Contract Administrator role is review the contract documents and specifications for errors and omissions, establish the bidding requirements and bid process, list bid alternatives and substitutions, denote and identify code standards and regulatory influences, clearly define site activities during construction, state in the bid package how the execution of the work is to take place, layout for the process for the Certificate of Payment to be processed, and clarify how changes in the work are to be submitted.

In addition, before the bid package is issued for bid the contract administrator is to ensure the bid package addresses dispute resolution, construction insurance, construction surety bonds, project submittal process, quality control and safety program, identifies the clerk of the works, lays out contract close-out procedures and stipulates how owner guaranties and warranties are to be submitted to the owner at the end of the project before final payment is issued.

The Importance of Contract Administration

Construction contract administration (CCA) services can benefit the project in many ways, primarily by ensuring the construction process continues to conform to the vision first developed during the design stage. There is nothing more devastating than a project that does not live up to its initial expectations. With The Parris Company's assistance, any contract inconsistencies, abnormalities or divergence from the original design or contract documents can be discovered before it's too late. As precise record-keepers, skilled communicators and detail-oriented architects, The Parris Company is an excellent choice for construction contract administrator.

The Parris Company 3D Rendering

Your Key Resource During Construction

When we sign on as your architecture company, our commitment doesn't end when the design has been finalized—we can be part of the construction process as well. Our aim is to create beautiful, long lasting structures that are true to the design. As your construction contract administrators we can ensure that is what is designed and permitted is exactly what is built. Even if we are not the architect of record, we take the time to understand each project thoroughly, so we can deliver the best CCA results to our clients.