Construction Documents

Once the schematic design and design development phases are complete The Parris Company moves on to the next phase, the creation of construction documents which are also called permit documents.

The Parris Company (TPC) and our engineering partners and consultants have a vast amount of experience creating construction documents that fully represent our client’s vision. TPC’s expertise in getting permit documents approved by regulatory agencies and building departments has made us a Jacksonville leader in the field of architecture. Detailed, accurate construction documents save our clients time and money by giving the construction company a clear portrait of what the project is intended to look like.

What are Construction Documents and Why Do They Matter?

Construction documents are detailed descriptions of every intricate component of the project. Each discipline has the responsibility to produce drawings that adhere to state and national code standards. Specifications are created as an additional document to further explain the design and engineering standards intended for the project. Whether the construction process is Design Build, Design Bid Construct or Construction Management, construction documents tells the story of what the project is about.

The more complete the construction documents are the less likely Change Orders, Field Orders and Architect Supplemental Instructions (ASI’s) will occur. When construction documents are incomplete or lack sufficient information to construct the building in a timely manner the cost of the project increases. Request for Information (RFI’s) are submitted by the contractor to the architect or the owner’s representative that show a lack of clarity or deficiencies in the construction documents. Therefore construction documents are extremely important because they help guide the design and construction process to a successful ending.

The Parris Company 3D Rendering

Building Documentation Increases Accuracy

Accuracy is always a significant concern with any document produced. The Parris Company strives to provide work that is within the client’s budget, and that is an accurate depiction of the client’s vision. As a result, we are fully committed to producing the most detailed, accurate construction documents possible.

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Building Documentation Improves Communication

Good communication is the key to a successful project. The construction documents communicates to the world the vision of the owner and the design intent of the architect. In every step of the design and construction process The Parris Company emphasizes the importance of communication. Communication can occur in more than one form – two dimensional communication in the form of drawings and specifications and three dimensional communication in the form of project meetings. The two forms of communication must work as one in a unified matter in order for the project to succeed. This is why documenting every project meeting is so essential. The construction documents are therefore the two dimensional culmination of verbal communication and intellectual ideas.